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About Me




... well ok Beagle may be pushing it a little!

She is actually a Beagle Cocker Spaniel (or a Cocker Beagle) cross - which I guess makes her a Bocker although I think Bangle sounds much better !

Nikki Brealey

So who is the person behind Oliviabea?.... well - firstly I am a wife and a mum ...

... a mum to Jack and Libby who, along with Dave, are my absolute world. I am also a mum to Teagan, my beautiful, soft, excitable and stubborn, but ridiculously loyal Beagle and half a mum to a family of 5, completely bonkers, Chinchillas.

So thats a bit of me ... the other polaroids on this page will give you some ideas as to the other loves in my life - when I do not have a camera in my hand although I guess alot of them still include a camera !

oliviabea photography

this was the very beginning - a little instamatic handed down to me from my grandad.

silver clay

... another passion of mine is spending time in my 'silver' shed working with Silver Clay or Precious Metal Clay, producing tiny pieces of pure silver jewellery.

The medium is in a clay form during the working/modelling process and then fired to produce the resulting pure silver item.

darth vader

... this little chap cheerfully sits outside my back door come rain or shine to welcome friends and family. He has been bashed, kicked and blown over many times but still looks just as he did the day I bought him :-)

Is it just me that thinks he looks just a little bit like he should be in an episode of Star Wars ?!


... 25 years in scouting - that just sounds scary ! - but in my defense I was thrown in at the deep end (literally, and many times!) at quite a young age.

Scouting has been a big part of my life for so long and I do love it ... for many years I ran a huge Pack of 40 ish Cubs in Welwyn Garden City as well helping with Scouts and more recently I run Discovery Pack in Colmworth.

things that make me smile

puddles - driving, jumping, splashing :-)
welly boots
autumn leaves
chip shop chips
landrover defenders

Jack and Libby

... Bembridge beach on the Isle of Wight ... a place where a big chunk of my childhood was spent. Having not been back for probably nearly 20years last year I took the family there and was delighted when Jack and Libby pronounced it one of the 'coolest beaches ever'!

…. so why the name OliviaBea ? … Olivia, is after my daughter who was in fact named after my grandfather who was an Oliver and meant the world to me. Bea simply because B is the first letter of our surname. Often people call me Olivia assuming the company is named after me and so I am well practiced at answering to both Olivia or Nikki now 🙂

f a c e b o o k